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2016 Travels

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Someone recently asked me for my favorite travel picture of 2016.  So I started strolling through my 2016 folder and realized  I don't have a favorite!  So I mentally took a trip down memory lane:  London, Guadeloupe, South Korea/Vietnam/Cambodia, Bahamas (2x), Playa del Carmen (of course) and Cuba.  And for different reasons, I loved each one of those trips!

In London, my niece get her first passport stamp.  I went to Guadeloupe with a good friend and her family to celebrate a birthday and it was a week full of laughter.  In the Bahamas (the first time) I watched a friend marry her #ForeverBoo and (the second time) was a short cruise with a friend who really needed a break.

The trip to South Korea/Vietnam/Cambodia with my brother was a dream come true for me and I cried watching the sun rise at the temples of Angor Wat.   Cuba was a last minute decision and turned into a wonderful surprise.

The best part?  I have NO travel debt - just memories.  Sweet, Sweet MEMORIES.  And that's what it's all about.....

See all of my 2016 Travel Pics on my Facebook Page!


P.S. - Want to know how I manage to travel debt free?  Read the blog I wrote about it:

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