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Do You REALLY Wanna Go?

Hey There Family & Friends, Whew - it's hot!  Yes, even too hot for me!  But please don't take that as a complaint, it's simply a statement because if you know me - you know I love the sun (and the heat).  So bring it on! Anywho....I have been running into some really good flight deals to Asia.  Specifically Hong Kong and Beijing in November (for my birthday).  And I placed a couple of flights on hold (using American Airlines and Cathay Pacific 24 hour hold), but I didn't commit.  Why?  I don't know. I got really excited about going to Beijing and seeing the Great Wall of China, but I didn't pull the trigger.  I thought about how exciting it would be to see Kowloon Walled City and Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong, and I still didn't pull the trigger. 

I sent a few emails and text messages to some other travelers, extending an invite; but most of my travel friends already have plans for the Thanksgiving holiday.  So I kinda gave up.  And then I thought about it and realized I have a FEAR of solo travel! 

I know, I know.  I have people telling me that I haven't traveled until I've traveled alone.  They tell me that I will meet great people and learn a lot about myself.  They say things like "your time will be your own" and "after traveling alone, you won't travel with a group again". 

And maybe that's what I'm afraid of.  Dumping my group.  I mean, I love my friends, friends-of-friends, family, co-workers, Facebook friends, etc.  And these are the people that make my travels fun and exciting.  Aren't they?

So I've had to ask myself, "Do You Really Want To Go?".  Do I really want to pass up the opportunity to see some amazing places and knock some things off the must see/do list just because I feel as if no one will be there to capture me being great?  Or do I go and simply BE GREAT anyway?  And where is this fear of traveling alone coming from?

Hmmmm....I've got some {deep} thinking to do. 

Meanwhile, it's been an exciting travel year.  Most interesting?  I went to Cambodia (talk about HOT).  Seeing the Angkor Wat temple blew me away.  The sunrise changed my life.  I also went to Vietnam.  You can see my pictures on my Facebook Page.  And if you haven't already, give it a LIKE. I promise to write more this year and keep you guys updated on my birthday travel decision. Keep Traveling~ Angie Founder 2 Girls & A Bikini

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